Reviews about Dean Jackson Guided Tours

We could tell you all about what's in-store when you book a trip with Dean Jackson Guided Tours.
But nobody tells it better than the people who have already got on-board and kindly sent us notes…
Dean Jackson (Deano to many),

I have hired Dean for 7 fishing trips since 2008 through to 2015, including one day on the Adelaide River, one 4 day trip to Cooinda Yellow Waters, two 4 day trips to Dundee beach and two 5 day trips on a mother ship at the mouth of the Daly.

Not always does it go to plan, we have experienced drought, Netters and heavy rain on day one. However Dean always has another plan, so we always catch fish.

Depending on conditions we have caught, barra to 87cm, Spanish mac's to 20Klo+, Queens a Mtr+, Black Jews over a Mtr, Thread Fin salmon, Blue Salmon, Goldy's and Long Tail Tuna, and we have hooked many others that simply smashed us. Deano works hard, always with another plan in mind.

Anglers, experienced or beginners all get the help they need, overhead reels or eggbeaters. Our group of four usually consists of men 65 years plus and are all well looked after. Meals and drinks on the boat, none of this 9am to 3pm guiding, its up early and fishing until you drop, unlike some others, Deano gives you your money's worth.

2008 Yellow Waters Cooinda - consisted of daylight popper fishing and daytime casting and trawling of Hard Bodies, 30 plus Barra, with one close to a metre were hooked every day, most of which were returned, only a few for the dinner table were kept.

2011 - was a holiday with my wife and a day trip on the Adelaide was cut short by a badly damaged prop.
2012 & 2013 Dundee Beach - fishing the Finniss River, drought and the Netters affected these trips but we caught small Barra in the creek mouths, got smashed at the mouth of the river, Black jews on the Rock Barrs of up to 20 Klo, Long Tail Tuna pulled our arms out, Goldies and a Spanish Mac 20 Klo+.

2014 & 2015 - Daly River Mother Ship - at the mouth of the river, arranged by Deano, good tucker including mud crabs we caught... 2014. Plenty of Queen fish to a mtr+, Spanish macs, Goldies, some Black Jews, Barra were difficult due to the rain but we eventually got Barra, 3 out of 4 caught Barra, the 4th player made up for it in 2015 with an 87cm fish he put back. 2015 , Black Jews smashed Dave many times, Goldies and 30 Barra on day three in a clean water Estuary (another Deano plan that worked), Blue salmon, Thread Fin Salmon and that 87cm Barra, and to top it off, a dozen Muddies for tea.

- John W. - A Very Happy Customer

No fishing enthusiast should miss the opportunity to venture on a Guided Fishing tour with dean Jackson (Deano). My third trip over three years and looking forward to the fourth.

Whether experienced or not, Deano will do all in his power to ensure you catch ample, and varied, good fish. I, an inexperienced fisherman, and with Dean's professional (and patient) assistance, outstripped two others in our group who have been fishing for many, many years. If you are unsure at the start, Deano will have you confident by the end. Even my experienced friends claimed to have learnt a lot from Deano.

The total service on the trip was unquestionable, all we had to do was get from Melbourne airport to Darwin airport, Dean did the rest. Picked us up, arranged supplies according to our liking, supplied all tackle and bait, made sure we caught a good supply of fish, arranged packaging for fish transport, and the return trip to Darwin base.
Plenty of fish, plenty to eat and drink, and a huge lot of fun. DON'T MISS OUT.

- Mike G.
Man carrying big fish in boat — Dean Jackson Guided Tours in Winnellie, NT
Dean Jackson provided my fishing mate John Whitfort and I with the barramundi fishing experience of a lifetime. In fact it was much more than a fishing venture.

He gave us detailed insight into what Kakadu was all about. Fishing, wildlife, flora and Aboriginal history were covered in detail so that we went away fully converted to the Kakadu experience.

As for the fishing....unbelievable really. Numerous Barra close to trophy size were landed and released. Dean left nothing to chance and ensured a comfortable and safe experience. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting the ultimate fishing holiday experience.

- Con v. - Victoria