Two men carrying big fish — Barramundi Fishing Darwin in Winnellie, NT
Are you ready to make the catch of a lifetime? The thrill of landing a big barramundi… well, you've just got to be there!

You won't want to miss the opportunity to take part in one of the most popular recreational sports in the Top End. It all happens during the Northern Territory wet season…

Call Dean Jackson Guided Tours to book your spot on a barramundi fishing experience you won't soon forget.

BARRAmundi Fishing Charters & COMPETITIONS in Darwin

Girl fishing — Barramundi Fishing Darwin in Winnellie, NT
From October through December, building up to the monsoons, barramundi are much more active and aggressive.

You could reel in cash prizes at this time because it's also when the Northern Territory state government hosts the Million Dollar Fish competition, with more than 100 barramundi tagged.

Tip: Any type of lure is fair game for barra, however, moving lures or live baits tend to be most successful.


DArwin one day fishing trip

Dean Jackson Guided Tours will take you to the rivers and estuaries where the big barramundi bite. All you need to do is choose between a half or full day of fishing.

To book a barramundi fishing trip during the competition season or enjoy some practice in the meantime, make sure you call Dean Jackson Guided Tours today.