It’s fair to say that a Darwin fishing tour is among the most popular of the many different attractions and activities you could enjoy in the Top End.

Fishing can be blissfully relaxing. It can also be one of the more exhilarating experiences you can enjoy while stationary. Of course, maximum fishing pleasure will be gained from having the right equipment at hand and the local knowledge to be at the right place at the right time. 

The easy part is booking a tour with Dean Jackson Guided Tours. All the rest will follow, including wrestling with big barramundi. 

Here are some tips for catching Barra when you get the chance to go on your Darwin fishing tour.

Find the Spot

Finding a good spot is just as important as having the best equipment or the best touch. Barra tend to need repeated temptations, so when you find a spot you like, don’t move around too much. Be patient. And keep trying that location over and over.

Short Rod

Accuracy is key with Barra fishing, so the recommended rod length for a successful fishing experience is around 2 metres. Smaller rods mean better casting aim and control. Shorter length rods are also more effective when fishing in vegetated areas and tight creek banks.

Baitcasting Reels

If you are an experienced fisher, then bait casting (or overhead) reels have been known to be effective for catching Barra. For a beginner, they might not be the best option because there’s a risk of line tangles and bird nests. But if you have a good touch, you can find a lot of success with this method.

Change Lures

Don’t use the same lure every single time. Instead, bring a few of your favourites along and use them in succession to stimulate and interest the fish a bit more. Make sure to change up the shape, size, and colour in order to make your presence more intriguing to the Barra. Moving lures and live baits are generally the most successful.

Slow and Steady

When retrieving your lure, do it very slowly. Barra are lazy predators, so a slow-moving target will be more appealing to them.

Be sure to grab your opportunity to spend some reel quality time on the waters around Darwin and give these tips a try. No one is more adept at helping you bait Barra than Dean Jackson Guided Tours. You’ll find some detailed information about fishing trips on this website, and the customer reviews provide particularly good insights.